Rolling Stock Protection

Glass Shield Multi-Layer is a multilayer film with a patent pending peel point system allowing easy removal of each layer as needed revealing a clean surface underneath. Protecting bus and train windows from graffiti and vandalism caused by acid etching, sharp objects, wear and tear, hard water and construction damage. Glass Shield Multi-Layer can be custom ordered to fit your needs, available in 4 layers, 3 layers, and 2 layers.

One installation, multiple layers of protection!

  • No Minimum Order Quantity Required
  • Custom Cut Size Available
  • Available In 4 Layers, 3 Layers, & 2 Layers
  • Available In 4mil & 6mil Thick
  • Quick Lead Time
  • One Year Warranty


Graffiti Shield has integrated “Craft Manufacturing” into the equation to make a Multi-Layer film completely innovative. Our most popular stack of films are traditionally 4 layers of 4mil clear removable polyester. However, if the need was to have less or more layers, thinner or thicker films, our approach is completely customizable.

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Download Glass Shield Multi-Layer Sell Sheet For Bus and Train Windows

Download Glass Shield Multi-Layer Spec Sheet

Download Peel Process Sheet


GST-TK-001 Multi-Layer tool kit comes with everything you need to install our Glass Shield Multi-Layer film.

  • 12″ Cleaning Squeegee
  • Heavy Duty Squeegee
  • 6″ Squeegee Channel w/Blue Blade
  • Blue Squeegee Card
  • Triumph 6″ Scraper
  • Triumph 6″ Scraper Blades (SS) (25)
  • Hand Held Pressure Sprayer
  • Film On Concentrate (32oz.Installation Solution)
  • 5-Way Tool Black
  • Film Pick

Download Glass Shield Multi-Layer test report.

Why GS Multi-Layer Film?

Glass Shield Multi-Layer provides multiple layers of protection. Once the top layer is damage with graffiti or vandalism simply peel off the top layer, revealing a clean layer underneath.

Cost Savings

On average, the cost to replace a bus or train window can cost upwards of $620 per window not including the cost of labor which could run on average $100 per hour. With the use of our Glass Sheild Multi-Layer product you could save an average of 68% in materials and labor cost throughout the year.